Catholics, come home!

Maybe it's been a while since you've participated in Catholic Life in our parishes. If so, WE MISS YOU!

No family is complete without all of its members around the family table. While there are very special seasons during our liturgical year to come home to the Catholic Faith, there's never a bad time.

Remember that with God, all things are possible. Whatever may be keeping you away, whatever has been weighing on your heart, it can be overcome.

No one's true heart's desire can be fulfilled outside of God, for He is our Creator, the Image in which we are made. If we are in His Image, we are designed to live both on Earth and in eternity with Him.

He is our Savior — without Him and His saving actions in human history, we could not even hope to spend eternity in paradise. Nor could we find peace in our lives on Earth.

He is our Paraclete, our constant companion and our guide. But if we don't stay in contact with Him along the path, we can become isolated and lost along the way. Perhaps we feel something is missing inside us or that something is "just not quite right," even when we're surrounded by family or friends.

As odd as it may sound, by our very design, we humans automatically seek a god. If not the Absolute, True, Triune God, then we'll find another. It may be money, sports, material things, or any of a multitude of false gods. We can always discover the god in our life by honestly looking at where we devote our time — where our heart is, there is our god.

So as long as we naturally seek God, why not seek the Real Thing? And why not seek Him within the Church that He established to be His bride to join Him for all of eternity? Coming home is so easy!

Just call the church office and you'll be confidentially and warmly guided through whatever it takes.

And listen closely… Surely you will hear the joy in the voice that responds to welcome you home.


St. Ignatius Loyola Parish
St. Ignace, Michigan

(906) 643-7671
Faith Formation/Catholic Center: (906) 643-8887


Immaculate Conception Parish
Moran, Michigan