Prayers of Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Day is not the only time of the year that we should take time to be grateful to God for the many gifts He shares with us. Prayers of thanksgiving are one of the four types of prayers. Sometimes it is good for us to reflect on the many good things that are ours, that we enjoy and sometimes take for granted, and give thanks to God for all that we have and are. It can be a challenge to thank God for what we need even before we have it, trusting that God will provide for our needs in ways that are best.

Activity One

Gather some pencils, pens, crayons or markers; some pieces of paper about 3"x5"; and a basket or bowl, and invite the family or household to come together. After a few words of introduction (like those immediately above) invite them to think about the gifts they have for which they could give thanks to God. They can then use the paper to write or draw a symbol, one per paper, of the things that come to mind. The papers can be collected in the basket or bowl so that there is a visible sign that our "cup runs over" because of the goodness of God. The basket or bowl could be placed in a prominent place.

Activity Two

When the family or household gathers for a meal, one or more of the papers could be drawn and shared as part of the thanksgiving prayer before or after the meal.

Activity Three

The family or household could gather for a special prayer of thanksgiving. The papers created in Activity One could be the source for a litany of thanksgiving. To each item, the rest of the family could respond with an appropriate phrase such as, "we thank you, God" or "we are grateful for your goodness."

Activity Four

When the family or household is in the car together, offer thanks to God for the things that you see as you drive. You could express gratitude for nature, for things, or for other people. For example, when you pass a hospital, you could be grateful for access to such a facility, for the doctors, nurses, and others who care for the sick, etc.


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