For St. Ignatius Loyola/Immaculate Conception faith formation information regarding children and youth, please contact our Faith Formation Director, Tim LaJoice, at the Catholic Center, 906-643-8887.

For adult Bible study in our St. Ignatius Loyola/Immaculate Conception parishes, please contact Dcn. Tom McClelland at 906-643-8101.

Our "Catholic Center" Building

The Catholic Center, 31 E. Spring Street, is the home of our faith formation classes and activities.  It provides offices for our faith formation staff and catechists, and the conference room in the Catholic Center is used for Pastoral Council meetings and other parish meetings.  The Adult Faith Room ("Holy Family Room") with gas-log fireplace is used for R.C.I.A., scripture study groups, presentations by guest speakers, and spiritual reflection groups using video presentations, etc.

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St. Ignatius Loyola Parish
St. Ignace, Michigan
(906) 643-7671
Faith Formation/Catholic Center: (906) 643-8887


Immaculate Conception Parish
Moran, Michigan